December 5 — Founders Tour Meeting

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.  I know everyone is busy this time of year but it is also when we have to kick the planning into high gear.  We have already had numerous phone calls about the tour from all over the U.S. and Canada.


We will have a meeting on Dec. 5th  at 6pm at EMMR.  Please respond to Annette Yost (410) 635-2530 so that she knows you received it and so she have an idea who is coming.  Bring your thinking caps.  A lot of work has been going on getting the book formatted.  We will discuss costs, advertising, parking and logistics, hospitality,… the whole nine yards… we need you there!

Fall Tour: Oct. 13-14, 2016

Rolls Royce Museum
Rolls Royce Museum

The GRAACA Fall Tour 2016, hosted by Jim Yemzow and Pat Shaffer, took us from Mechanicsburg to Bedford, PA and was a great opportunity for even natives of the area to explore some uncover some wondrous gems!

The tour began bright and early at 8 a.m. on the 13th at the Rolls Royce Museum. Mike was a wonderful tour guide and informed us that the museum now houses all the records for tracking previous owners by the serial numbers of each car. For more information, you can visit their website: We also recommend checking out

The next stop for the day was the Train Museum in Everett, PA. We traveled on the Lincoln hwy Route 30 to get there. The town of Everett was previously known as Bloody Run. In 1852, the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad was chartered and built to bring coal, timber and other commodities as well as passengers to Bloody Run. The caboose was refurbished about two years ago.  You can read more about the history of the railway here:

Our third stop was at the Fort Bedford Museum ( In the photo you will notice a flag. It’s the one and only Fort Bedford flag from the French and Indian War, 1758. The museum also houses a Conestoga wagon, civil war cannon, 19th century women’s clothing, documents signed by the Penn family, a cooper disc shot out of the air by Annie Oakely, and a Bedford Springs ledger signed by President Buchannon.

Omni Hotel Bedford Springs ResortThe fourth stop, in the evening, was the Omni Hotel Bedford Springs Resort, a fabulous resort that seems to go on forever with 4 stories and multiple corridors.  It is completely refurbished and refinished to the 1920’s style, from the woodwork to the furniture. Even the indoor pool has been restored to it’s original decor. Visitors can also enjoy photos located everywhere of previous guests that stayed there. In addition, some of us took note of the window pane glass in the lounge areas: ladies etched their initials and names by using their diamond rings! Our stay finished with a ghost tour. A few people said they could smell cigar in the men’s only smoking room (spooky!).

Day 2 was just as packed full of exciting stops and kicked off with a stop at Ron’s Antique Radio Museum. There were radios of all kinds, everywhere!

Next, we stopped at the American Legion for a quick stay which included a covered bridge. Other stops for the day included a visit to Bison Corral Store, Juniata Trading, the Coverlet Museum, and of course, the Flight 93 Museum.

The tour covered approximately 250 miles, and was well worth the trip! Many thanks are due to Jim and Pat, the Bedford Quality Inn where we stayed, and to everyone else at the various stops who helped make this possible.


This article was written with the help of Dan and Annette Yost. More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Sundaes on Saturday 2017

It might seem a bit early to be thinking of January events, but mark your calendar now! Information on next year’s (just 2 months away) Sundaes on Saturday event has been added.

When? January 21st at 1:00 p.m.

Where? Mt. Holly Springs Church of God

Why should you come? Ice cream, raffle, and a new glove contest!

The registration form can be found in the next issue of the Gas Buggy Gazette. For a full description, visit our Events Calendar.

MD Historic Vehicle Registration

The following was taken from a letter received by one of our club members from the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration:

“Effective October 1, 2016 [emphasis added], Maryland law regarding Historic Motor Vehicles will change.  The changes impact how a Historic Motor Vehicle may be operated.  A Maryland registered historic vehicle may no longer be used for transportation to and from employment, school, or for commercial purposes.  In addition, historic vehicles with a model year of 1986 or newer may be subject to safety equipment repair orders issued at roadside by law enforcement.”

You can find more information on the MVA website.

Summer Tour 2016

Lots of our members came out for the day!
Lots of our members came out for the day!

On Saturday, August 20th, the Gettysburg region had its annual Summer tour. I think our participation keeps on growing as we had 51 people (27 cars) attend! And what a gorgeous day it was, too.

The day kicked off at the American Legion Post #262 in Biglerville where everyone met up to get their sugar fix and directions. Thanks are owed to Krista, the manager and hostess of the American Legion, and to Stew Gardner who knows where to get the best donuts.

Tour guides in period dress.
Tour guides in period dress.

From Post #262, everyone traveled through orchards and the cooling shade of the Michaux forest to arrive at Renfrew Museum and Park in Waynesboro. The park allows visitors to step back in time to the late 17- and early 1800s. The Royer family Pennsylvania German farmstead is interpreted with historical accuracy by costumed guides. The museum also includes the Nicodemus collection of decorative arts and Bell pottery collection. The park itself sits on 107 acres, 50 of which are designated as a wildlife preserve.

The day concluded at the Keystone Family Restaurant with a fantastic lunch buffet offering good food and yummy homemade desserts.

Extra thanks are due to Dade Royer, executive director of Renfrew Park, and to Annette Yost for planning the lovely excursion.

Gettysburg Region Spring Tour 2016

Note: This was originally published on May 10th on our old website and was transferred over. You can click on photos to open a larger image in a new window.

Outside of the American Legion
Outside of the American Legion

On April 16th, GRAACA members got the chance to get out for a little spring fun. This year’s tour took us through some beautiful parts of Cumberland County as well as the orchards of Adams and Franklin Counties.

The day began at the American Legion Post #674 in Mount Holly Springs for some doughnuts and coffee before heading out.




One of the many wonders at the museum.
One of the many wonders at the museum.

The first stop was Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum, an absolute “must see” roadside attraction offering candy and fresh roasted peanuts (of course!) in addition to the estimated 12,000 elephants on display. The museum also lays claim to the East Coast’s largest collection of Pez dispensers.

After another scenic drive, we got to stretch our legs at the PA Forest Fire Museum in Caledonia State Park. Afterwards, it was onto Solomon’s Lutheran Church for an absolutely fabulous homemade buffet!


The Forest Fire Museum
The Forest Fire Museum

Many thanks go to Millie Skelly for planning the wonderful trip. Everyone enjoyed a lovely day, and we got to see many new faces! We hope all felt welcome and will join us again, soon.





Many thanks to Solomon's Lutheran Church!
Many thanks to Solomon’s Lutheran Church!

We also want to thank the American Legion, Mr. Ed’s, Caledonia State Park, the lovely ladies at Solomon’s Lutheran Church, and everyone else who came out and helped make this tour a success. More photos can be seen on our Facebook page.

Fall Tour 2016 — Mark Your Calendar Now!

The Fall tour this year will be an overnighter. October 13 – 14.

It takes place in the Bedford area and starts on Thursday October 13th.  It is limited to thirty cars.  We need your registration IN OUR HANDS by September 15th.  We blocked thirty rooms at the Quality Inn in Bedford at $105.00 including all taxes and breakfast on Friday morning.  Additional charge of $10.00 would apply for each person over two per room.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN RESERVATIONS.  These must be made prior to September 30th.  All meals are paid “on your own”.  A list of restaurants will be available.

Travel will be on the turnpike and PA 30.  We ran the turnpike at sixty mph and no one ran over us.  There are hills on Route 30 so have your vehicle in road-worthy condition.

Sights for enjoyment will include museums, shopping (wonderful candy/popcorn to antiques), road trip with various points of interest, and keep your finders crossed, a private car collection (the owner rarely shares his collection…and we have not received a NO…we are hoping for a YES).  Walking will be required and some places the “buddy system” might be required when traveling by car because of limited parking.

This is a beautiful area, especially during this season.  Even the scenery along the turnpike is awesome.  The cost to register will be minimal, as lodging and meals are not an “up-front” cost.  Further details will be in the July/August newsletter.  Mark your calendar now.

This description is courtesy of our hosts Jim Yemzow (717) 243-5810(717) 243-5810 and Pat Shaffer (717) 258-4964(717) 258-4964