Latimore Pre-Show Meeting DATE CHANGE


The date for the pre-show meeting at the Latimore Valley Fairgrounds has been moved from May 6th to April 29th at 3:oo pm. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. The date had to be moved up due to a scheduling conflict at the fairgrounds. 

Contact Ken Buohl if you have any questions 717-321-3189.

Covered Dish Dinner 2018


This year’s covered dish (potluck) dinner was held at the East Berlin Community Center on Sunday, March 11. After everyone stuffed themselves silly, we were treated to several rounds of Bingo–with prizes–while our food digested.

Another treat was in store as members were asked to dig up their old photos, car or club related, and show them off. Quite a few people did just that and filled up several tables with their pictures. It was great to hear folks share their memories.

Many thanks to Ron Green who organized the event, and to everyone who pitched in to make the day a success by bringing prizes or food, helping with set-up/clean-up, or helping with the raffle or Bingo.

Covered Dish Deadline: March 6th

Held at the East Berlin Community Center at 1:00 pm on Sunday, March 11. Please bring a dish to share with fellow members. Spend the day enjoying excellent homemade food along with some great camaraderie.

This year we will be setting up a table for pictures. Dig around in your old albums and bring a few interesting photos, car or club related, of you, your spouse, or one of your past vehicles.

After dinner, either Bingo will return, or we will have a game-show type quiz. Details are still being worked on.

Your donation of a small inexpensive door prize is welcomed, though not required. There will be several very nice club-sponsored door prizes!

Deadline for sign-up is March 6. The event is FREE. For more info. contact Ron or Valerie Green (717) 443-3903 cellular, or e-mail

DIRECTIONS: The East Berlin Community Center is located 3 blocks west of the intersection of Harrisburg Street (Rt. 194) and West King Street (Rt. 234), which is the traffic light in the center of town. Follow the signs marked “Community Center”.

Annual Dinner 2018

This year’s annual dinner was once again held at the Lower Allen VFW Post #7530 in Mechanicsburg, and it was a wonderful venue. Everyone got to enjoy a cash bar, light hors d’oeuvres and a buffet dinner.

Afterwards, the official induction of officers and board members took place, and the President’s gavel was passed from Ron Green to Annette Yost. Ron graciously served for two terms, during which time he worked seemingly tirelessly to bring our club’s bylaws and other records into the twenty-first century. He steps down to take a much needed rest as the Gettysburg Region welcomes its second madam president.

Congratulations is also in order for Carol Barlup and Pat Buckley who were presented the 2017 Outstanding Service Award for all their contributions to the club over the years, including the many hours they put into handling registration for the Founders Tour. Thank you!

Guest speakers for the evening included AACA Museum Executive Director Jeff Bliemeister, and AACA National Executive Director Steve Moskowitz who came out despite having just had surgery. Many thanks go to both for taking the time to come out and speak with us about the exciting goings on at the museum and headquarters.

During the social gathering and after dinner, entertainment was provided by magician David Pepka. This was a unique treat as David does sleight of hand with cards and coins. He even performed a card trick that fooled Harry Houdini! This allowed the audience to not only get up close with the magic tricks, but also take part. W are very grateful to Karl and Mary Krouch for inviting David to our shindig and making sure the night ended with a bang.

Sundaes at the Movies 2018


We kicked off 2018 with our annual ice cream social on Sunday, January 21st at the Dover Fire Hall. Our gracious hostess Roxanne Vandermark Hess did a wonderful job organizing the afternoon (and this was her first time hosting this event, too!).

In addition to the raffle and slideshows created by our photographer Ken Meyers showcasing all that we did in 2017, including the Founders Tour, there were a few new surprises. First, members were invited to wear a hat, be it old, new, or even silly. And boy did some people really deliver!

Second, we were treated to a recently unearthed treasure. Gettysburg Region member Fred Gable has been in the club since the very beginning, and as it turns out he had taken a home video back in 1953 of one the region’s very first meetings. The video was sent to the AACA Library where the librarians were able to digitize the film. As a result, both the library and our club now have a DVD copy of the short film which captures moments from the board meeting, a trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield, and even some friendly racing games between the members. Fred made sure to come out to the social on Sunday and, along with Don Barlup, provide insightful commentary. Many thanks are due to Fred, Don, and the AACA Library for helping preserve our club’s history.

Our next event will be our annual dinner featuring the installation of officers. Hope to see you there!

David Frazier Auction

The following information was sent to us from David E. Frazier of Taylorsville, MD, who has been collecting for 60 years:

March 9 and 10, 9:00 AM -The Auction of the David Frazier Model A and Vintage sign collection by Parzow Autioneers will be held at Frederick Fairgrounds, Buildings #12 and 13, 797 E. Patrick St., Frederick, MD 21701

Part 1, March 9th, consists of ’30 Coupe, 31 Tudor in parts, a few Model T parts, a few V-8 parts, closed car trailer, and open car trailer, license plates, and literature, etc. 

Part 2, March 10th consists of approximately 170 signs and cabinets and anything remaining from March 9th.  For pictures, go to and enter Auctioneer Parzow’s ID #2894, go to Mar. 9 and 10 and click photo gallery.

*The photo is courtesy of and features one of David Frazier’s automobiles.