In 1950, a small but energetic group of car enthusiasts became interested in forming an automobile club representing south-central Pennsylvania. At the time, this area was overseen by the Alleghany Region AACA which was opposed to dividing the region. Undeterred, Ernest Simpson, Donald Feeser, Austin Ruth, John Basehoar, and Edward Emerson decided to found a new organization unaffiliated with the AACA called The Brass Age Car Club. After growing to 78 members in 1953, the BACC requested that they too should become affiliated with the AACA. On February 17, 1953, their request was granted, and the BACC became the Gettysburg Region  Antique Automobile Club of America.

To this day, we still recognize our five founding members and the other 73 charter members:

Mr. & Mrs. John C. Baker; Mr. & Mrs. John D. Basehoar; Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Beard; Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Becker; Dr. & Mrs. Arthur N. Breuer; Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Bucher; Mr. & Mrs. Ernest G. Cooper, Jr.; Mr. & Mrs. George W. Dohn; Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Emerson; Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Emerson; Mr. & Mrs. Randall Emerson; Mr. & Mrs. Royce Emerson; Mr. & Mrs. Donald Feeser; Mr. Roy Feeser; Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Hostetter; Dr. & Mrs. John J. Knox; Mr. Guy Lehr; Mr. F. J. Lingg; Mr. Clarence G. Lintz; Mr. & Mrs. G. Fred. Luckenbaugh; Miss Rae Metz; Mr. & Mrs. Wm. R. McCoy; Mr. Kenneth E. McLeod; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Paff; Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Paxton; Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Peiper; Mr. & Mrs. Chester Petry; Mr. & Mrs. Burnell Redding; Dr. & Mrs. Mark L. Redding; Mr. & Mrs. Chas. B. Rider; Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. Rouzer; Mr. & Mrs. M. G. Rouzer; Mr. & Mrs. Austin Ruth; Mr. & Mrs. K. Eugene Shank; Mr. Emmett Shelley; Miss Brenda Shelley; Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Simpson; Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Smith; Mr. & Mrs. Wm. S. Strayer; Miss Marlene Strayer; Mr. Robert W. Sullivan; Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Walsh; Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Weikert; Mr. James Weikert; Mr. & Mrs. Morgan C. Wright; Mr. & Mrs. Maurice R. Worley.