Ladies’ Day 2018

–Saturday, September 8th

After having to cancel our annual shopping trip to the Gettysburg Outlets due to rain and flooding, Annette Yost, event host and Gettysburg Region President decided to reschedule. And then cam more rain. And more flooding. June. July. August. Hot weather and a bit of sun finally showed up and it looked as though we might get a lovely day. Alas it was not to be, and it rained once again.

However, some of us, who had perhaps been feeling a bit of cabin fever, were undeterred. With umbrellas in one hand and coupons in the other we arrived determined to shop!

In a bit of a strange twist, everyone who showed up (three cars in total) brought along their convertible—Dottie Shultz; Roxanne Vandermark Hess and Mike Hess; Annette and Dan Yost, Angelica Yost, and Howard King. We were a small crew, but Annette made sure to bring a tent, hot drinks and donuts, and Roxanne won the “door Prize”—a beautiful autumn mum.

For anyone that signed up back in May and received their  complimentary tote bag with coupon brochure, your coupons are still good until the end of 2018, so you can shop on a sunny day.

Many thanks go to Annette Yost for her organization and optimism, and to the Gettysburg Outlets for their hospitality and lovely giveaways.