President’s Message: Many Thanks!

I belong to several national clubs and numerous regions and chapters of those clubs. Most of the President’s messages that I read bemoan what could have been and wasn’t for 2020.  Enough said!

Let’s talk about our successes for 2020!  I write this on October 25th after spending a very enjoyable day touring with 30 cars and many region members on our Annual Fall Foliage Tour.  It was a super tour. We needed this, so thank Martha and Bob Channel for making it happen.

Our Summer Tour, led by Pat Shaffer and Jim Yemzow was equally enjoyable. Thanks!

Our Summer Picnic at Codorus State Park, while hot, was enjoyed by those 30 folks who attended.  No one went away hungry!

Yes, the numbers were down, but the level of excitement and enjoyment was high.

On the National level, with the help of our Region and others, AACA was able to save the Grand National and the Eastern Fall National. A big thank you to those at National Headquarters and your National Board of Directors for making this happen, as well as the Gateway Center in Gettysburg for allowing us to hold these events on their property.

Speaking of National, by the time you read this we will have moved into our new National Library and Headquarters building. Our Region has supported this move financially and I hope, if you have not made a personal donation, you will consider it when you renew your National dues. Every dollar is important. This structure is the pinnacle of our hobby and I encourage you to visit it and see for yourselves.

On behalf of your Region Board of Directors, we thank you for your support, wish you the safest holiday season, and hope and pray for a better 2021 for the hobby and our nation and the world.


Happy Motoring!

  ~Don Barlup