New Newsletter Editor

Beginning with the next issue, Angelica Yost will be taking the role of editor of the Gettysburg Region’s newsletter, The Gas Buggy Gazette. She looks forward to continuing in the same format as readers have been seeing, and members’ contributions are always welcomed. She resides in Mount Airy, Maryland and can be reached at (240) 651-9071 or

After 10 years in the editor’s chair, current editor John Sayler looks forward to a respite, and to other ways of serving the club. He is confident that Angelica will do an excellent job for all the members.

The deadline for submissions for the July/August issue is July 20th.


Hello Gettysburg Region members,

Some of you still haven’t paid your region dues yet for 2018. This is a reminder that there is a $10 surcharge for all dues received after January 31st. Time is running out!

Also, don’t forget to pay your National AACA dues, too. You must be an AACA member in order to belong to the Gettysburg Region. 

Region dues should be sent to Ed Rogers at 200 Westview Dr., Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Make checks payable to “Gettysburg Region, AACA”.

Penn College Tour: Deadline Extension

*The following was recently e-mailed to our members from the tour planner Jim Yemzow.


 Since the newsletter was so late, and most won’t receive it till later this week, I’m extending the cut-off date for the Penn College tour till Saturday the 28th.

We will meet at the Sheetz in Duncannon (1550 State Road right along Rt. 11/15).  It’s on the right, past a Dollar General.  We’ll leave there at 7:15 and arrive at the Perkin’s Restaurant in Selinsgrove (1394 N. Susquehanna Trail right along Rt. 11/15) for breakfast.  We’ll leave there at 9:30 to arrive at Penn College in Williamsport by 11:00.  Anyone not wishing to eat at the Perkins, can travel there by themselves to meet up with the group by the scheduled departure time.

If you’re interested in going please contact Jim Yemzow (717) 243-5810  yemyak1@embarqmail   or Pat Shaffer (717) 258-4964  
Both phones have voice mail so leave a message and we’ll get back to you or better yet send an email.

Membership Renewal!



It’s that time again.  Time to renew your membership in AACA National and in the Gettysburg Region.  National dues for this year are $40 for regular (up from last year), $12 for student, and $10 for junior.  Life membership will go up to $700 in 2018, so if you’ve been considering the up-grade, do it now!  You can renew by mail, on their website, or w/ credit card by calling (717) 534-1910.  National dues should be paid by Dec. 31stRemember, you must be a National member to belong to a region.

     Regional renewal dues remain at $25 for regular, $29 for regular w/ 1st class mailing of the newsletter, and $15 for student.  You may pay at the Nominations Dinner in November or by check payable to Gettysburg Region of AACA.  Mail to Ed Rogers  200 Westview Drive,  Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.  Regional dues should be paid by Jan. 31st.  Want to receive your newsletter days earlier and save the region printing and postage fees?  Consider getting it via email.  Contact me and I’ll set it up for you. 

     Regional dues received after Mar. 2nd will be subject to the $10 delinquent charge.  Renew by the due date and avoid paying this fee!

     Don’t miss out on all the benefits of membership in AACA.


                                                       James Yemzow, Membership Chairman

                                                      (717) 243-5810


*This notice was sent out to all members in the September/October issue of the Gas Buggy Gazette.

Harvey & Irma Relief

This letter was recently e-mailed to many of our AACA  members, and we’re posting it here for anyone who missed it. The AACA is pitching in to help victims of Harvey and Irma. Read more to learn how you can help, too.

The recent horrific scenes in the Houston area and other parts of the Southwest are a tragedy for those affected. We are sure there are many of our club members that have been impacted, a loss of cars and a general hardship for our brethren. The impending scary predictions of the path that Irma will take and the damage that it will surely cause in Puerto Rico and the East Coast is immensely concerning for us.
More experienced disaster survival organizations need to take the lead, but our national board does not want to simply stand by and do nothing. While it is hard for us to know what to do, we must do something. As events unfold over the next days, we want to be proactive as an organization that cares about our members and all of society. We will do our best to work with our regions and chapters in the coming months to see if there are things we can do.
While we cannot always come to the rescue or fund every need, the circumstances with having two hurricanes hit our country in such a short span and the devastation they have caused and potentially will cause makes this a special time to do what we can. 
So, our first step is to help raise money for families that have been hit by these storms. While we may not be able to raise a huge amount of money, we are sure that every little bit helps. So, your national board is donating $5,000 on behalf of its membership to a GoFundMe site. If you would like to join us in this effort, please make your donations here:
By using Charity Navigator, we will donate the money to those charities that will put the vast majority of the money into actual use for those affected by the storms. AACA’s executive committee will ensure that the donations are used for the maximum effect. 


Please consider joining us as we try to make a small difference.

The AACA National Board 

Gas Buggy Gazette Goes Digital

Well, it’s official!

The Gas Buggy Gazette, the newsletter of the Gettysburg Region, is now being offered electronically. All our members have the option of receiving their copy either through the post or by e-mail.

Going digital has certain perks. For one, you get your newsletter a lot faster, and it can save you some money if you’re already paying for First Class postage. 

If you think you’d like your newsletter e-mailed, please contact Doug Cline 

AACA Library: New Additions

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If you stop by the AACA Library, you may notice a few changes as you walk through the door. 

Thanks to the generosity of Don and Micky Bohne, the front lobby has become quite full this week. As you can see from the photos, the library now has a beautiful Metz and Brush to grace its collection. They also received a Buick and a Dodge business coupe, but due to lack of space they’ve been sent to storage for the time being.

Drop in and have a look!

AACA National Dues

This is just a note to inform all current and any prospective new AACA members for 2018:

Beginning October 2017, annual dues for AACA national membership will increase from $35 to $40. Our Board of Directors have worked hard to keep dues at $35 since 2008. However, dues can only stay the same for so long (10 years is pretty impressive), and our club has some ambitious plans for the future.

For new members joining before October of this year, dues are still $35, so if you’re on the fence this is a fantastic time to take the plunge!

Otherwise, feel free to download the new 2018 AACA Membership Application here.

Golden Quill Award 2016

A message from our President:

Given out yearly by Old Cars Weekly to publications related to the old car hobby. Hundreds and possibly up to a thousand newsletters apply for recognition with only a handful receiving an award. Entrees consist of AACA, CCCA and marquee clubs and are judged by professional editors, book authors, etc. Criteria for newsletters is based on use of color / or black and white visuals, quality of writing, photographs, creativity, balance of articles (human interest, technical, historical, events, ads, classified, columns, etc). All bases for a quality newsletter are covered.
The Gas Buggy Gazette is once again recognized by many in the old car hobby to be one of the best. A successful newsletter can boost a regional club and raise pride of the membership. Congratulations to John Sayler and all the region members who contribute articles to make our newsletter a success.
Ron Green