Summer Tour 2018 to the Bulgari Collection

–By John E. Sayler, Jr.

Gettysburg Region tours often bring special opportunities, and the club’s Summer Tour on August 24 was no exception.  On one of the month’s most pleasant days, approximately 40 people in 20 cars embarked on scenic roads for Allentown, where they were the guests of The NB Center for American Automotive Heritage, the private collection of Nicola Bulgari.

At the collection, members were treated to a 3½-hour guided tour by curator Keith Flickinger and other center employees.  The explanations given—stories behind some of the cars, tours of the restoration work in progress, instruction on how high-quality upholstery differs from lesser methods, etc.—were invaluable.  And over 150 interesting cars were on display.

Mr. Bulgari, having a special love for American cars of the 1930’s and 1940’s, lavishes expense and care on average models which might otherwise go unrestored.  He was not on site at the time, but he was sure to request a photo of members’ old cars lined up in the driveway, so he could see the Gettysburg Region cars as well.

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